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Well Oiled Lead Gen Machine

Well Oiled Lead Gen Machine

Assuming you have a good product, and a nice website – but the two by themselves will not get you sales. People need to discover you through the clutter on the Internet.

You need a strategy to drive quality traffic to your site, and hit them hard until they’re ready to buy. In short, a lead generation.

Two kinds of people that visit your website – those who buy from you, and those who don’t. Most of them however, won’t buy on initial impression, therefore it’s important to have a lead generator that keeps engaging the potential customers without asking them to purchase.

Study shows that people sometimes need to hear from you about 7-10 times before making a purchasing decision.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Incoming Web Traffic – Direct traffic to your website through processes such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, SEO, Instagram etc.)

  • Lead Generating Asset (PDF, Video etc.) – Customers engage your products and services as they have a problem that requires a solution. Producing a Lead Generating PDF will not only impart enormous value to your customers, solve a problem they currently have, and establish your business as the authority in your field of expertise; but will also capture important contact details that will allow for further engagement that will reduce the resistance they have around making a purchase.

  • Nurturing Sequences – Now that you have important contact details, it is time to nurture and condition the prospective customer with more value-add information that seeks to solve their problem. This could be through emails, calls, re-targeting your website audience etc.

  • Sales Campaign – Now you’ve built a relationship, it’s time to ask for the sale. If you don’t ask, you don’t get a sale. When it comes to selling, most people tend to say to themselves: “I don’t want to spam my customers and burn the list”, or “what if people don’t like me annoying them?” My answer to that, is “people are afraid to ask for the sell because they are not confident with their products”.

Stick to the 7-10 times rule, and watch what happens.

On a side note, the beautiful thing about the Internet, is that there are ways to keep going back to your customers subtly through social media and retargeting ads. Spend a week watching Youtube tutorials, which will show you exactly how.

The world of digital allows for processes and tasks to be automated, making sleep whilst cashing cheques a reality.

So, set your marketing on auto-pilot, go back to sleep, and let your business work for you.

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