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Pretty websites are a waste of money

Pretty websites are a waste of money

Businesses spend thousands of dollars on creative, glamorous, and interactive websites hoping that ‘attraction’ leads to sales.

Most website companies go to extreme measures to ensure that the finished product looks stylish, sophisticated, and that all the buttons work. In another words, they build websites that graphic designers and programmers love looking at. However, these people whom you’ve hired to build your website never understand why people buy, and how to make your website in a way that drive sales.

Sadly, photoshop and HTML5 won’t give you revenue.

People don’t buy because of pretty images, they buy because of powerful words. In the marketing world, we call this copywriting, and it is the most overlooked feature in marketing.

Whilst images and graphics are important for comprehension, it is the words that do the selling. Copywriting is used to persuade people to think and feel a certain way about a brand, product or service. This provides a clear path for the customer to take action; whether it be to buy, subscribe to a list, or to make contact.

Smart businesses would pay copywriting masters like Ray Edwards up to $20,000 to write a sales copy for a simple landing page which will give them millions of dollars in return.

Another feature often overlooked and not considered in web design, is understanding user behaviour.

Research suggests that when people scan a website or marketing material, they scan in a ‘Z’ formation; that is, from the top left to right, analyse the middle, and move from the bottom left to right (see below).

Research also suggests that 80% of people’s buying decision depends on how your market above the fold, which is the first page that people see on your website.

A sales-focused website will include the following above the fold:

1. Your business logo (i.e. who are you?)

2. A clear and compelling message that people will understand immediately

3. A call to action button

You’d be surprised at how many multi-million dollar businesses are leaving billions on the table, by not having a call to action button on their website!

So, focus less on the glam, and more on the sale. Eye-candy does not sell. A well thought-out website combining clear copywriting and wireframing will.

Your website should be a selling tool, not a fancy internet brochure.

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