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SEO Demystified

SEO Demystified

Let put it this way, the simplest and most direct way to reach 1,000 visitors a day with SEO is to strategically give Google what it wants.

And it just comes down to two things: Content and Links.

This reduces the entire SEO process into a very simple steps:

  • Create helpful, relevant content that your market wants
  • Get other sites to link to your content (Google views links as “quality votes”)
  • And that’s it.

Yes, there’s many ways to optimize things and improve results down the road – but the vast majority of sites out there with substantial search traffic got to that level just by regularly posting content, and earning links naturally. Consistency is the key.

Google prefers long-form, unique content with minimal “bounce rate”. Basically, it just needs to be actually helpful & informative. Aim for 800 – 1000+ words per new page.

Just from a sheer numbers perspective, the more frequently you can publish that type of content – the better. Ideally, you should be adding 2-3 longform articles to your site per month.

You’ll also want to expand your existing content, by making sure that your existing site content is long-form.

As for keyword targeting, Google’s algorithm has gotten really good at detecting the meaning of your content, alongside with your title tags, headlines, etc. One way to target a keyword with your content is to rephrase the keyword as a “question”, and then answer it as completely as you can with your article.

Under the algorithm, the majority of your traffic will come from long-tail queries. While it helps to keep your themes focused on in-demand topics, traffic will flow in from literally thousands of keyword variations.

What about getting quality links? Over time, this “activity” does become more passive, and you will naturally earn links just from people (bloggers, forum users, etc) mentioning your business / articles. But this doesn’t happen overnight. So in the meantime, the absolute best strategy for doing this is blogger outreach.

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